The Transformation of Earth, Rocks, Roots and Berries into Pigments.

The earth is the natural apothecary of the arts, hidden within its depths are all the variety
of pigments as seen in great works of art throughout the world.

During this workshop students will explore the traditional processes by which pure pigments are extracted from their natural sources in the form of earth, rocks, roots and berries, and how these are then purified and transformed into pure pigments.

Alchemy of Painting

Working with the semi precious rocks: Malachite, Azurite, Cinnabar and Chrysocolla, as well as certain plants (Madder roots, brazil wood and Persian berry), students will discover first hand the miraculous processes by which these raw materials can be transformed into pure pigments and made into paint. In the second part of this workshop students will learn about the traditional mediums and recipes used for making paints – watercolour (gum arabic), egg tempera, encaustic, casein and oil paint.

From this workshop students will gain a knowledge of how to make their own paints directly from nature and the integral connection of creativity to the natural world.

The workshop will be held in the Tower studio within the ruins of Cowdray castle, Midhurst, West Sussex.

 Workshop Fee £495.00.

The fee for five day workshop includes all materials including semi precious rocks, mediums and dye ingredients.