The Tower Studio, Cowdray Castle, Cowdray Ruins

Midhurst, West Susses, GU29 9AL


April 15th – 19th. Traditional Egg Tempera painting techniques of 14th century Italy. The cost of workshop is £495.00

May 27th – 31st. Alchemy of Colour – making paints from rocks, earth and plants. Learning about historical pigments and their underlying cosmology according to ancient traditional knowledge. The cost of workshop is £495.00

April 24th – 25th.  The traditional art of making gesso/Stretching and priming linen canvas.

– Gesso is the traditional ground for painting in egg tempera. The use of gesso as a ground goes back to ancient times, it was used by the Greeks and Romans from the 1st C. AD. In Egypt its use goes back to the 5th century BC (and probably a lot earlier). Gesso was the traditional ground used in the Italian renaissance; it was also used by the Flemish artists of the 14th and 15th centuries . Gesso is also an excellent ground for oil painting if first sealed with animal skin glue. Modern day gesso and oil grounds are mostly based on acrylic recipes and bear no comparison to the qualities of genuine gesso and oil primings.

This two day course will be held at my studio in Midhurst and limited to five students.

The cost of the workshop is £200

June 10th – 14th. Flemish mixed technique of Egg Tempera and Oil as practiced by Flemish and Italian masters of the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The cost of workshop is £495.00

June 24th -29th. 17th. Classical landscape painting techniques of the 17th and 18th centuries. * The cost of workshop is £495.00

July 22nd – 26th August Lapis Lazuli workshop. The cost of workshop is £495.00

August 19th – 23rd. 17th century Still-Life oil Painting techniques of the Dutch and Spanish schools. The cost of workshop is £495.00

September 16th – 20th. Traditional Egg Tempera and gilding techniques of the Italian renaissance. The cost of workshop is £495.00

October 21st – 25th. Classical Oil Painting Techniques  of master painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. * The cost of workshop is £495.00

November 18th – 22nd. The traditional practice of drawing in silverpoint.* The cost of workshop is £495.00

December 2nd – 6th. Traditional renaissance Egg Tempera and Gilding techniques. The cost of workshop is £495.00



Cancellations made up to two weeks prior to commencement of workshop are eligible for 50% reimbursement of fees.

Cancellations less than two weeks prior to commencement of workshop will not be eligible for reimbursement.